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Dyson DC01 Grey Cleaner Head (A)

Dyson DC01 Grey Cleaner Head (A)
Dyson DC01 Grey Cleaner Head (A)
Brand: Recycled Dyson
Product Code: DA001 Fixed SP Type Cleaner Head
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This is a recycled Dyson DC01 (DA001) main cleaner head (lower foot/brush/base/body housing in grey) for FIXED soleplate models only. 

Important - Please read: There are two types of grey body housing to suit Dyson DC01's. They are *NOT* interchangeable although they look almost identical. This is the least popular one that fits fixed solepate DA001 machines. To ensure compatibility, please look at the second picture where the circle is indicating a metal strip. Check yours has the same clip. If yours has a nylon roller instead, this WILL NOT fit your machine. See the related items below for the other one. 

Please do not buy this item if you are not sure this will fit your machine, or do not understand the foregoing. This item is not returnable because you bought the wrong one. So please check before you buy!