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Dyson DC04 Ametek Motor Adaptor Kit

Dyson DC04 Ametek Motor Adaptor Kit
Dyson DC04 Ametek Motor Adaptor Kit
Brand: Dyson
Product Code: DC04 Ametek Motor Adaptor Kit
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The Ametek motor was fitted to the lime green and grey/silver non-clutched DC04 and the pale blue and grey DC04i. 

Every other Dyson DC04 is fitted with what is called a "YDK" motor. Here at Manchester Vacs, we have devised a simple conversion that saves you money! 

You simply use a standard YDK motor and replace the two rubbers and the motor sealing ring. 

If you have a lime green/grey or a pale blue/grey DC04/DC04i (without a clutch), and it still has the old style Ametek motor in there, you want one of our standard YDK motors (see the related items below) and this kit, and you're good to go! Throw the old motor rubbers and plastic sealing ring in the bin and fit the replacements we send you instead. 

  • This adaptor kit allows you to replace an Ametek motor with a standard DC04 YDK type motor.
  • Suitable only for Ametek to YDK motor conversions on silver lime Dyson DC04 vacuum cleaners.
  • Please check the second photograph to be sure your Dyson DC04 is a silver lime.
  • Please note this adaptor kit is not supplied with a motor. It is the pictured adaptor kit only.
  • Use any Dyson DC04 YDK motor with this kit to replace the DC04 Ametek motor.