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Non-Clutched DC04 Back Hose (Green)

Non-Clutched DC04 Back Hose (Green)
Non-Clutched DC04 Back Hose (Green)
Brand: Premium Quality After-Market Spare Part
Product Code: Non-Clutched DC04 Back Hose (Green)
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This is a non-genuine Dyson rear hose to fit a non-clutched Dyson DC04 (genuine ones are now discontinued)

This will fit any DC04 model without a clutchIf you are not sure if your Dyson has a clutch or not, or dont know what a clutch is, there is a short tutorial on our forums >>here<< (opens in a new window)

The colour variants of the machines this hose is designed to fit are below and in the second photo above. 


  • DC04 Grey and Green (also called Silver/Lime)
  • DC04 Constant Max (Silver and Orange)
  • DC04 Independent (Grey and Light blue)


If you need the other type of hose for a clutched machine, click >>here<<

The original hoses come in a variety of colours. This one is only supplied with green fittings as pictured above.

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