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Dyson DC07/DC14 Inspection U-Bend

Dyson DC07/DC14 Inspection U-Bend
Brand: Recycled Dyson
Product Code: Dyson DC07/14 Inspection U-Bend
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Price: £1.99
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This is the u-bend to fit any Dyson DC07 or DC14. 

These were originally made in a myriad of colours and shades, with many different combinations of release catch colour as well. 

In our experience, most people who buy a u-bend are not too concerned about the colour of the item they receive as the ubend is not a terribly visible part. 

Any colour variant u-bend is interchangeable across all DC14 and DC07 models, so we usually supply a random coloured one for this price. 

However, if you are concerned about a colour matching item, please email us the first three digits of your machines serial number and your surname right after order. That way we can select you the correct coloured one.