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DC07 HEPA Filter Kit

DC07 HEPA Filter Kit
Brand: Premium Quality After-Market Spare Part
Product Code: DC07 HEPA Filter Kit
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This is a filter kit for all models and variants of the DC07 fitted with a HEPA filter. 

It comprises of the washable filter from the housing at the side of the cyclone and the HEPA filter that is below the cyclone, above the motor, under the circular vent.

You will find the filters individually below if you only need one, but we offer them also as a pair here with a modest saving over buying them individually. 

Some machines have a filter pad fitted instead of a HEPA filter. The two are interchangeable, so dont panic you are buying a set that wont fit. But if you want the other kit with a pad, you will find it in the related items below. 

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