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DC24 Brushbar Motor Assembly

DC24 Brushbar Motor Assembly
DC24 Brushbar Motor Assembly DC24 Brushbar Motor Assembly
Brand: Johnson
Product Code: DC24 Brushbar Motor Assembly
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This part is the DF651(2)LG Johnson replacement motor which powers the brushbar in the head of your Dyson DC24. (This is also the same as the YDK YA-3424 motor found in some DC24's). This fits ALL DC24 models. 

Often, when the brushbar fails to spin (and the reset button has no effect) this is the part that has gone.

We also wrote the first tutorial on how to replace this motor in your DC24, you can see step-by-step instructions and a video >>here<< (Opens in a new window)

You need a Torx T15, T10 and a T8 to change this motor. You can find those individually or as a set of three in the related products below. 

If you only need the cog mechanism, we have those >>here<<.

PLEASE NOTE: This part is NON RETURNABLE. This part is not under warranty by Johnson as their policy is central to the fact they are not present at the time of fitting and thus cannot assess the expertise of the fitter.

Americans please note: This motor is NOT suitable for USA 120v models. This motor is to fit UK, Australian and European 220-240v machines.