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DC41 DC28c-DC54 Main Motor

DC41 DC28c-DC54 Main Motor
DC41 DC28c-DC54 Main Motor
Brand: Dyson
Product Code: DC41 DC39 Motor 918953-04
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This is a genuine Dyson motor to suit the DC28c, DC33c, DC37, DC38, DC39, DC46, DC47, DC48, DC49, DC52, DC53, DC54 and DC41 vacuum cleaner.  

The motor is a replacement for motors marked YDK YV-16K24F, YDK YV-16K24FA or YV-16K24FB. Please check before you buy, if in doubt, >>ask us<<.

To fit this to your DC41: For DC41 machines fitted with a YV-16K24F, you would simply swap the TOC from your old motor over to the new one. The TOC is secured by one phillips screw. If your old TOC is damaged (which is unlikely) you will need to fashion some new motor leads using the TOC on the new motor. 

Warning: Stripping a Dyson down to replace the motor is not an amateur job (You will need the set of three Torx screwdrivers we sell below). If you need a strip down tutorial, there is a cylinder one >>here<< and various DC41 topics >>here<<.

This motor is suitable for UK, European and Australian machines. It is not suitable for USA machines.