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Dyson Torx Star Screwdriver T15

Dyson Torx Star Screwdriver T15
Dyson Torx Star Screwdriver T15
Brand: Smiths Tools
Product Code: T15 Screwdriver
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This is a new, Smiths T15 torx screwdriver to suit all Dyson models (with the tamperproof head to suit later Dyson models too). You need this tool to perform virtually any strip down job on your Dyson.

The blade is the correct length to access all the deep recessed screws on your Dyson.

If you are likely to work on many Dysons, consider our "Unofficial Dyson Trade Tool Set" linked in the 'Related Items' below or the >>set of three Torx screwdrivers<< that has the extra ones you need to work on DC24 and later machines. It has all the correct screwdrivers with anti-tamper bits that you need on later Dysons.


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