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Replacement Extra-Long 10m (32') Mains Lead in Black

Replacement Extra-Long 10m (32') Mains Lead in Black
Brand: Premium Quality After-Market Spare Part
Product Code: 10m Black Flex.
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This is an extra long mains lead (flex) that will suit Dyson models. 

**Please read the information below carefully before buying to avoid confusion**

This is a black coloured 10m (32ft) flex that was designed to fit non-Dyson machines. IDEAL for those of us who want a general purpose extra long flex at a great price.

At this money, these are even worth buying to make an extension lead from! 

Technical information: 

This is a 10m three core 0.75mm flex with a UK three pin moulded plug on, and a kettle type plug on the other end. Dysons are usually two core, so you wont use the earth. Despite being three core, the external diameter of the flex is similar to a standard Dyson flex, so it will fit around the internal switch housings OK. 

Important: This flex will be supplied as pictured; that means without the rubber housing (where the flex enters the machine) and without spade ends. If you are buying a flex, we expect that you are competent enough to be able to fit it safely and make the necessary electrical connections at the end of the leads. Fitting a flex is not an amateur job! If you are in any doubt whatsoever, do consult an electrician.

These are only available at this low price while stocks last - when they're gone, they're gone!