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Zorb Tool

Zorb Tool
Zorb Tool
Brand: Dyson
Product Code: Zorb Tool
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Zorb trade carpet cleaner groomer tool for your Dyson vacuum cleaner. With long bristles to work Zorb™ dry-cleaning powder deep into your carpet. Grooming action activates cleaning agents in Zorb powder to keep new carpets looking new.

This is a Zorb tool originally supplied with the DC03, and designed only for use with Zorb powder. but will also fit the following machines:

  • DC03 Absolute,
  • DC03 Absolute plus Zorb,
  • DC03 Clear,
  • DC03 Independent Steel White,
  • DC03 Zorb Purple Yellow,
  • DC04 Absolute,
  • DC04 Absolute Purple Lime,
  • DC04 Brush control,
  • DC04 De Stijl,
  • DC04 Independent Silver Blue,
  • DC04 Limited Edition,
  • DC04 Silver Lime,
  • DC04 Zorbster,
  • DC07 All Floors,
  • DC07 Allergy,
  • DC07 Allergy,
  • DC07 Allergy low reach tool,
  • DC07 Animal,
  • DC07 CLIC,
  • DC07 Full Gear,
  • DC07 Full kit,
  • DC07 HEPA,
  • DC07 Origin,
  • DC07 Precision,
  • DC07 Standard,
  • DC07 Tool kit,
  • DC07i,
  • DC07i,
  • DC14 All Floors,
  • DC14 All Floors,
  • DC14 Allergy,
  • DC14 Allergy,
  • DC14 Animal,
  • DC14 Animal,
  • DC14 Blitz it,
  • DC14 Full access,
  • DC14 Hepa,
  • DC14 Origin,
  • DC14 Origin,
  • DC14 Overdrive,
  • DC14 Plus tools,
  • DC14 Tool kit,
  • DC14 Vroom,
  • DC14i