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Pair of Airblade AB03-14 Sensors.

Pair of Airblade AB03-14 Sensors.
Brand: Dyson
Product Code: Pair Airblade Sensors AB03/14
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This is a pair (which means one emmiter, one receiver) of the sensors for polycarbonate (plastic) bodied models of the Dyson Airblade hand dryer.

Please note: This set will fit the left OR right side of your Airblade. If you want to replace left AND right receivers/sensors on your machine, buy TWO items. Please note also that these do not include the visible lenses (that break) that are in the back fascia. They come as part of the rear fascia itself, which you can find in the related items below.

Special sale condition: We sell these on the understanding that they are not returnable. So please *do not* buy them on spec if you are unable to diagnose your machine correctly and then seek to return them. Please only buy these if you *know* that you want them.

Suitable for only these Dyson Airblade models: AB03, AB04, AB05, AB07 and AB14. These do NOT fit aluminium bodied machines.

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