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DC03 Cleaner Head

DC03 Cleaner Head
DC03 Cleaner Head DC03 Cleaner Head
Brand: Dyson
Product Code: DC03 Cleaner Head 900190-33
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This is the cleaner head for the DC03. 

Most were originally in a dull grey colour. This is a silver coloured one from the last model they made: The Independent Steel White. It may not colour match older models, but it will fit. 

We heard the rumour that DC03 parts are all going obsolete as supplies naturally expire at Dyson, so we bought the last ones of these that we could lay our hands on. There may not be any more after these have gone. 

However, we do dismantle the odd one of these for spares, if you want something you dont see on the page, please contact us and ask. 

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