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Dyson model numbers can be a confusing array of numbers and letters. We publish this Dyson model range glossary in order that the Dyson vacuum cleaner model codes might be demystified somewhat.

Dyson Model NumbersThe Dyson G Force - The G Force was the very first Dyson. It was only sold to the Japanese market. You can see photos and a full description on our discussion forums here: The first Dyson.

Vacuum Cleaner Spares ManchesterDC01 - The first UK Dyson model was the DC01, an 'upright' vacuum cleaner priced for home use. It used patented Dual Cyclone technology. It was released in 1993 and was a best seller in the UK. Buy a reconditioned DC01 online from our shop now

Vacuum Cleaner Repairs ManchesterDC02 - The DC02 was the first cylinder (canister) model sold by Dyson. It was smaller and easier to carry than the preceding DC01. Its shape allowed it to sit on stairs and this design was named "stair-hugging" by Dyson. The cleaner features an extendable hose designed to work around corners and objects. To the rear of the machine, there is a pedal which retracts the cable back into the cleaner. It uses the cyclone system. This model is commonly duplicated by Asian manufacturers, presumably because the more complicated Dyson models (Root cyclone models etc.) have better protected patents. The model is also available in a special edition called the 'DC02 Recyclone', named such because it was the first vacuum cleaner to be made out of reused plastic materials.

Reconditioned, refurbished and used DysonsDC03 - The DC03 was a lightweight, low profile upright cleaner. It resembled a twin-cylinder version of the DC01, contained one normal cylinder and a second which contained a pair of HEPA filters. While its suction power was much lower than any of the currently available uprights, its heavy-duty filtration system allowed it to survive for many years after the rest of the original Cyclone cleaners were discontinued.

Stockport Dyson RepairDC04 - The DC04 was the successor to the DC01. It had improved filters fitted as standard, including some noting the new 'LifeTime' title. Whilst the design was much the same, the DC04 sold far more models overall than the DC01 that it replaced and the DC02 (cylinder). A "De Stijl" model was also available, having the same filter setup - an H-level premotor filter and a HEPA post-motor filter - as the two Absolute models of the DC04. A more detailed index of DC04 machines is posted on our discussion forums here: Dyson DC04 Model Index. If you want to buy a reconditioned DC04, look here: Buy a reconditioned DC04 online from our shop now

Tameside Dyson RepairDC05 - The DC05 was the second cylinder model. It was designed as a replacement model for the DC02 (which had not been too popular) and had improved design features. The 'Motorhead' version was the first Dyson to offer a powernozzle - a floor nozzle with a motor-powered brush-roll for improved performance on carpets.

Manchester Dyson RepairDC06 - Robotic vacuum cleaner available as standard (yellow) or silver editions. This was taken off the market due to price.

Dyson Parts TamesideDC07 - The DC07, released in the earliest part of this millennium, is given the slogan 'the original root cyclone upright'. This is appropriate because this was the first implementation of Root Cyclone technology into a vacuum cleaner. Many in the market were unsure if this technology was any different from the previous Dual Cyclone technology, so it took a little while to "take-off". The model is very similar in features to the DC04. Although being phased out, the DC07 is still sold today. Buy a reconditioned DC07 online from our shop now

In 2006, Target started carrying a Dyson vacuum in a pink color to help support the fight against breast cancer, the vacuums are only carried during the months of September and October. In November Target began carrying a Red Dyson vacuum as part of the retailer's official color. The Dyson DC07 Red is available exclusively at Target replacing its DC07 yellow vacuum.

Dyson Parts StockportDC08/DC08T - The new cylinder revision incorporating Dyson Root Cyclone technology. DC08T - The "T" is short for 'Telescope Wrap'. Wand handle is telescopic and the hose wraps around the machine.

Dyson Model Number IndexDC09 - Dyson never made a DC09. It was feared that this model name would cause confusion with the DC-9 aircraft. (What they really meant was they could not get high on Google with the term "DC09", and that's bad for marketing!)

Dyson Model Number IndexDC10 - As with the DC09, Dyson never made a DC10. It was feared that it might cause confusion with DC-10 aircraft.

Dyson Model Number IndexDC11 - The second Dyson with Telescope wrap. It has two separate dust bins to make the machine smaller when it is packed away.

Dyson Model Number IndexDC12 - The DC12 was a small cylinder machine released in Japan.

Dyson Model Number IndexDC13 - Dyson never made a DC13. We reckon the folks at Dyson were a bit superstitious. They said that they avoided making a DC13 "just in case".

Dyson Model Number IndexDC14 - The DC14 was released in 2004. It is a revision of an upright vacuum cleaner with lower centre of gravity and 'telescope reach'. The DC14 vacuum cleaner uses Dyson's Root 8 Cyclone technology, which maintains constant suction. The Root 8 Cyclone Technology on the DC14 was improved since the DC07. The DC14 comes in four variants, the standard DC14, the All Floors, the Allergy and the Animal. More of the DC14 units are sold than the newer DC15 vacuum cleaner. Buy a reconditioned DC14 online from our shop now

Dyson Model Number IndexDC15 - The DC15, known as "The Ball" was released in 2005 in three variants, the DC15 All Floors, Allergy and Animal. It has a ball instead of a wheel, which in conjunction with a universal joint on the cleaner head makes it possible to steer the machine by twisting the handle to the right or left. The cleaner uses the Root Cyclone technology also used in the DC14. Buy a reconditioned DC15 online from our shop now

Dyson Model Number IndexDC16 - The DC16 is Dyson's first handheld vacuum cleaner based on the same technology as in their DC14 and DC15 root cyclone upright vacuum cleaners. The new Dyson DC16 root6 claims to be 'the only handheld that doesn't lose suction'. The DC16 has 36 airwatts of constant suction. The DC16 shares the same styling as the other recent upright and cylinder vacuums cleaners in the Dyson range, and weighs 1.5kg.

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The product is also available in an Issey Miyake limited edition in which the manifold on the cyclone assembly is pink instead of the standard yellow, and an Animal version that features a motorized brushbar for picking up pet hair and gold cyclone manifold. Newest to the range is the DC16 Car and Boat which is designed for car and boat cleaning, comes with a car 12v charger and has a blue cyclone manifold.

Dyson Model Number IndexDC17 - The Dyson DC17 is an upright cleaner launched in October 2006 in the US. Although visually similar to the DC14, it contains new technologies, and is designed specifically for North American carpets. The first upgrade is the use of Dyson's new Level 3 Root Cyclone. This system incorporates 11 cyclones to more efficiently filter sand and dust particles out of the airstream. In this system, the airflow travels from the low speed outer cyclone to two intermediate cyclones that filter out the bulk of dust and sand particles that are drawn into the system. Beyond that, the airflow flows through the remaining eight high speed cyclones which filters out any remaining dust particles out of the airstream. The Level 3 Root Cyclone improves upon the original Root Cyclone system with its capability to more efficiently separate sand particles from the air flow; contaminants that the current Root Cyclone has difficulty with.

The second change with the DC17 upright is the brushroll design. While the brushrolls used on the DC07, DC14, and DC15 were designed with European carpets in mind, the DC17's brush roll was designed for North America with a cylindrical shape, a large diameter, and short stiff bristles. A separate motor drives the brushroll, unlike the DC07 and DC14 which use clutches that utilize power from the main motor. The third change is a new colour scheme that indicates the colour theme for future Dysons. The bright colours and silver tones are toned down in favour of shiny metallic accents and titanium as the main colour for the entire machine. This change can also be seen with the new Dyson DC16 Root 6 Handheld.

Dyson Model Number IndexDC18 The Dyson DC18 Slim, launched in September 2006, is a slimmer and lighter weight successor of the DC15 Ball upright. A major difference between the DC15 and DC18 is the weight. The DC18 is lighter weight at 6.6 kilograms, or 15.8 pounds. In comparison, the DC15 weighs 8.6 kilograms, or 19.95 pounds. The DC18's Root Cyclone system has been trimmed down to better accommodate the machine's slimmer profile. While the DC15 uses 8 cyclones, the DC18 uses 6. The bin capacity comparison between the two models is DC18 1.7 litres (0.4 gallons) and DC15 2.5 litres (0.71 gallons).

In addition, the ball design has been modified for the DC18, and is not as complex as the DC15 ball unit. Rather than riding on a large ball that encloses the primary motor, the DC18 rides on a thin, cigar shaped roller that yields more space for separate motor enclosure and airway paths.

Dyson Model Number IndexDC19 - A cylinder model. The DC19 does not feature the Telescopic Wrap system. DC19 T2 - Same as DC19, but the technology has been improved so that the brushbar can pick up on carpets and on hard floors. Also called the DC29 in Australia.

Dyson Model Number IndexDC20 - Known as the 'Stowaway', as DC19 but with telescope wrap. Dyson have updated the DC08T (part of the DC08) series to form the DC20. In the United Kingdom, this vacuum is called the Dyson Stowaway. The colour scheme used is all new, and the cleaner is available in Standard, Allergy and Animal.

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Dyson Model Number IndexDC21 - The model is known as the Stowaway in the United States, but as the Motorhead in the United Kingdom and other countries. It is the second cylinder vacuum from Dyson to have a motorized brushbar on the head of the nozzle. It is an advancement of the DC08 Telescopic Wrap system, which is no longer marketed in some countries including the United Kingdom. Buy new Dysons in our shop

Dyson Model Number IndexDC22 - The 'Dyson Baby', the smallest of all Dyson cylinder vacuums. Using Core Separation which adds a third cyclone 'layer' to filter out smaller particulates. Buy new Dysons in our shop

Dyson Model Number IndexDC23 - The DC23 is similar in design to the DC21 but uses the new Core Separation that is also in the DC22. Buy new Dysons in our shop

Dyson Model Number IndexDC24 - A small version of the dc25. It weighs 5.4 kilos and has 115 airwatts of suction power. It was designed for people who live in small apartments/houses in that its small, compact and the handle compacts further for easy storage. Buy new Dysons in our shop

Dyson Model Number IndexDC25 - New Upright with the ball that is lighter than the original. Available as All Floors (Yellow), Animal (Purple), Overdrive (Blue) - exclusive to Comet Electrical Stores, and Blitz It (Red) - exclusive to Currys and Dixons Electrical Stores. Buy new Dysons in our shop

Dyson Model Number IndexDC26 - The DC06 was the world’s first robotic vacuum with constant suction, DC16- world’s first hand held vacuum with constant siction, and now DC26-worlds smallest vacuum with constant suction – see a pattern emerging? Even smaller than the DC22 and made for Japan. Slogan: “Sure to remove the waste. Dyson smallest” Buy new Dysons in our shop

Dyson Model Number IndexDC27 - Doesn’t feature ball technology. Features auto adjusting cleaner head and the rest of the technology from the DC25, like the 16ft quick draw wand and hose. Has large debris chanel to pick up large dirt particles. Maybe based on the DC17. Buy new Dysons in our shop

Dyson Model Number IndexDC28 - Features new Dyson Airmuscle technology consisting of a powered cam to adjust the height of the brushbar, a pnuematic actuator to keep the cleaning head down on the floor, and a high torque clutch to give extra power to the brushbar. Buy new Dysons in our shop

Dyson Model Number IndexDC29 - The DC29 is an Australian market model of what in the UK is a DC19 T2.

Dyson Model Number IndexDC30 - The powerful handheld. It has 6 minutes of high constant suction. It is smaller, lighter and more powerful than the DC16 which uses a conventional motor. No carbon brushes, no carbon dust. The DC30 has a yellow cyclone manifold. Buy new Dysons in our shop

Dyson Model Number IndexDC31 - The most powerful handheld. This uses the same motor technology as the DC30, but with a larger battery and dual power for more run time. 10 minutes of high constant suction (at the same level as the DC30) or 6 minutes with 40% higher suction. Available as DC31 with a blue cyclone manifold, or the DC31 Animal which has a purple cyclone manifold. Buy new Dysons in our shop

Dyson Model Number IndexDC32 - Basically the same as DC23T2 (in the UK) with a revised colour scheme and different tools.

Dyson Model Number IndexDC33 - Revised version of the DC27/DC28. Available as Multi Floor (Yellow), Stubborn (White), Animal (Purple).

Special models

Zorbster - The Zorbster models were the DC04 Zorbster and the DC05 Motorhead. Dyson have always recommended dry cleaning of carpets over wet cleaning. For this purpose, they developed their own cleaning agent, called ‘Zorb’. Zorb is a non-toxic, bio-degradable substance consisting of millions of micro-sponges. These contain a solvent which dissolves dirt and grease, and absorbs it as it dries. It sounds like a great idea, but it never caught on too much and they were discontinued. There are few Zorbster models around today.

"De Stijl" Limited Editions - Some of the early Dyson models (DC01, DC02, DC04) were available in a special limited edition "De Stijl" colour scheme, in homage to the Dutch design movement of the same name. All these are a combination of purple, red and yellow in colour.

"Dyson Antarctic Solo" Limited Editions - In 1996, 100,000 recolored DC01 and DC02 models were produced as part of a fund-raising effort for Ranulph Fiennes's solo expedition to the Antarctic. For these models, the yellow parts found on the mainstream models were replaced with light blue ones, and on the DC02 Antarctic Solo the body was also recoloured in white instead of silver.

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Root Cyclone in models - The Dyson Root Cyclone technology is available in Dyson DC07, DC08, DC08TW, DC11, DC14, DC15, DC16, DC17, DC18, DC19, DC20, DC21, DC24 and DC25. DC22 & DC23 use the improved Root Cyclone & Core Separator which can also be called Radix Cyclone & Intermediary Cyclone.

DC04, DC07, DC01
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