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Unofficial Dyson Trade Tool Set

Unofficial Dyson Trade Tool Set
Brand: Smiths Tools
Product Code: Unofficial Dyson Trade Tool Set
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By Popular Demand: Here we have all the tools we sell to repair almost any Dyson, altogether, at a great deal price.

  • You get the special Dyson-only belt lifter tool that we import (read >>here<< to see how to use it),
  • A Smiths T15 torx screwdriver,
  • A Smiths T10 torx screwdriver,
  • A Smiths T8 torx screwdriver (for DC24 brush bar motors and other jobs)
  • A DC04 switch removal tool (that has a myriad of uses apart from DC04 switches).

Apart from your standard tool kit that everyone has, these tools will allow you to perform virtually any job on any Dyson, from the DC01 right up to the latest models.

If you are a Dyson enthusiast, a Dyson repairer, or work on many different Dyson models, these are likely the only tools you need to do almost anything on a Dyson.

Those working on later Dyson models may also need a multimeter for testing PCB's and brushroll motors. We have those >>here<<.

Note: If you are working on late model ball and Cinetic Dysons, and do not need the brushroll removal tool or the DC04 switch tool, we have a very good deal for our >>set of three Dyson screwdrivers<< that will allow you to get into any Dyson for any repair job. 

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