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Introductions / Re: Hello
« Last post by exvacman on Today at 08:11:05 PM »
Hi Trev

Good luck with your venture, I came out of the business 11years ago.

Just a quickie on PAT testing it was a legal requirement for any domestic appliance service engineer in business, when I was operating, to PAT test any appliance they'd serviced and I would think the law still applies now.

The up side was that some companies, particularly cleaning contractors, used to bring the vacs in just for PAT testing once a year, as that was a legal requirement for them. One particular contractor brought 30 at a time. I used to charge £3 a vac back then, so a nice little earner, being I could do about 20 an hour. Plus any damaged mains leads would have to be replaced before passing, so £££'s to be made.
Introductions / Hello from Rural Suffolk
« Last post by exvacman on Today at 06:14:20 PM »
Hi All

Iím Allen from Suffolk. I donít actually own a Dyson but have repaired and serviced hundreds of them from the DA001 to DC07.

Up until 2006 I ran my own business as a vacuum cleaner service engineer of all makes and models. The reason for packing up when I did was to concentrate on and continue building our engraving business, which started off as a sideline when vac repairs were slowing down, but then became more profitable. I have now retired completely.

Some of you may have heard of the vac repair franchise I bought into known as ĎNational Vacuum Cleaner Servicesí (NVCS). After NVCS was taken over in the early nineties a breakaway group was established called ĎVac Doctorsí of which I was one. Again some of may be familiar with the name as there are still a handful of branches in existence.

In those day Hoover Juniors, Seniors and Turbos and Electrolux 500 and 600 series were the popular vacs in my workshop. I still have a Lux Z550 I use in the garage along with a 20 odd year old Henry which I fitted with a used Panasonic motor back in the day.

My nameís Allen and I was a self employed vacuum cleaner service engineer up until 2006. After recently clearing out my garage I came across a number of mainly unused parts and am offering them for FREE to any forum member who can collect them from the Bury St Edmunds area.   

I see that a number of you collect and/or refurb older vacs and Iím sure one of you could make use of, at least, some parts.

Iím new to the forum and plan to introduce myself properly later, but in the meantime below is a list of a few of the parts, some of which are still in their original unopened packaging. All parts are pre 2006, with some older than that.

For Hoover Models
Junior White Furniture Guard,
Nozzle Cover.
1346 Front Cover (Grey),
Junior Round Belt,
Upper and Lower Cord Protectors,
Red Switch Buttons.
Turbo 1 Belt,
Turbo Bellows,
Turbo Junior Base Bag Support,
Turbo Junior Handle Rear Support,
Turbo Cord Hook and Bag Slide,
Turbo Cord Hook Springs,
Purepower Belt,
Purepower Rear Wheels,
Purepower Height Adjustment Knob,
Purepower Switch.

Most Turbo and Purepower parts are genuine.

Various Electrolux Belts and Filters,
Carbon Brushes to fit Miele Lamb Motors,
Vorwerk ET20 Carbons,
Sebo 450 & 460 Belt and Brushstrip,
Panasonic MC-E43 Floor Nozzle

Itís not possible to list everything but thatís some of them plus I have a number of packets of unopened Paper Bags.

If anyone is interested in collecting let me know.


Looking after your Dyson / Re: Using WD40 on Dysons
« Last post by GeorgeJ on Today at 05:14:15 PM »
What happens between me and the seat on the bus are none of your concern.
Looking after your Dyson / Re: Using WD40 on Dysons
« Last post by Madrat on Today at 04:59:27 PM »
lol did you have an involuntary bowel movement   :))
Looking after your Dyson / Re: Using WD40 on Dysons
« Last post by GeorgeJ on Today at 04:56:40 PM »
Oof....  that's not fun.  I've always tried to limit WD40 to metal...  I'll start trying it with some plastics.
It's funny, I follow a few auctions.

Someone listed a DC24 with no suction for $0.01 + $20 shipping.  It sold for $61 + $20 shipping.  $80 for a DC24 in need of work?  Get outta here!

The V8 is currently at $31 + $27 shipping....  $60 for something missing multiple pieces and busted up badly?  Again, no thanks.  I'd take a crack at fixing it for personal use but you can't sell it.  Parting it out could work well but it's alot of upfront outlay.  I dunno.
Very many thanks for the ultra-speedy reply! But it looks like I'm screwed as far as that nut is concerned. Whilst holding the fan I can turn it in either direction without it coming off, and the rotor doesn't turn. There's a little more resistance once every revolution, so I certainly seem to have stripped the thread. Clearly I don't know my own strength. Crazy idea using a LH screw - all they needed to do was swap 2 wires to the brushes and make the fan from a mirror image of the drawings and they could have used a RH screw! There was a little arrow on the nut pointing in an anticlockwise direction - I'll know to look out for that in future.

But anyway, I poked an air-duster through to the commutator from the back and nothing much blew out, so maybe the brushes and commutator didn't need cleaning too much after all. I cleaned out the fan as best I could and put the motor back into the carcass and plugged it in, and the motor ran! So long as the brushes don't wear out it seems to be sorted. Now I just have to wait for the noise absorbing stuff to dry out on the washing line (thank heaven for a bit of Summer at last!) and I can put it all together again.

Thank you again for a most helpful disassembly guide.

Best regards - Philip
Suggestion Box / Re: Forum on Tapatalk???
« Last post by GeorgeJ on Today at 04:49:27 PM »
Same as Rusty,  I get an email,  come here and job jobbed!
I have a BLU R1 HD (one of those $60 Amazon phones) so we're not talking about a high power phone.  I do the same thing, I get an email in the Gmail app, click on the link which opens in the gmail app, view the thread and job jobbed, as you said.  If this phone can handle all the whole forum in a browser in my email app, why do I need another app the complicate things?
They are a LH thread I do recall. All I usually do is, with the fancase off, place a cloth inbetween the fan and your hand, as it will slice you up if your not careful, then with your palm of one hand clamp the fan down, then crack the nut off, it then spins off with your fingers. If the whole motor does turn, a small flatblade screwdriver into the back of the motor and locked against a segment of the coil (not the commutor) will work, but be careful not to damage anything!

RE the thermal cut out, yes it is self re-setting, 30 minutes IIRC. Plaster dust won't help though, plus I've had an S5 before that blew the track off the PCB rather than the fuse, some pigeon shit soldering fixed that one! But you need the fan off to see, then the top of the motor and then you can see the fuse assembly! If the fuse is blown, I imagine RS or ebay will have just the replacement you need to solder in!

Don't forget to wash the fan either when you do get it off!
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