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Discussion About Other Vacuum Cleaners & Appliances / Re: Childhood memory
« Last post by Parwaz7862 on Yesterday at 11:51:09 PM »
I used to knock over our DC01 and sit on the bin and ride it like a horse (wtf) and I used to be shit scared of it cos of the bin black rubber seal and the max line was like "the eye" :/

I also had it next to me when I watched TV.

I remember feeling vibrations whenever it was on, thought the thing was a beast.

Discussion About Other Vacuum Cleaners & Appliances / Re: Childhood memory
« Last post by GeorgeJ on Yesterday at 09:17:48 PM »
I was thinking about my mom's vac when I was growing up.  Didn't know anything about it, started with a google "1980 vacuum wood grain" and nailed it immediately and found a great post on vacuumland  covering it:

That takes me back.  I used to sit on it and ride it around while my mom cleaned up. :))
email address sent.

yeh I'll send it off Tuesday next week
Awesome, thanks! It sure feels odd doing a hermes to myself!

Could you PM me your email address and I'll forward the label email over when I get it. Don't worry about it until next week though, I'm in no rush and if you drop it off today it'll only sit in someone's van for the next 3 days!
Interesting refurb and an amazing 75 in your pocket.

These often used to come in for repair back in the day because a rear wheel kept falling out, usually on the pedal side. A cracked chassis at the wheel arch, which gradually got worse, was the cause and a common fault on the 600 series. A new chassis was quite expensive even then.

There's an electrolux switch as found on these machines, included in the parts I'll be sending.
I got paid today, weigh and measure them and send me the details, I'll pay the postage and have them! I'll share them out amongst the community for postage, I have lots of other bags and stuff to sell, so I can incorporate it with that, and probably find lots of useful bits to keep!

Packed and measured parcel, all fits neatly into a 44x32x32cm box. weight is around 6kg. I say around as it's bathroom scales I've used, but it's certainly well under the 10kg next price.   
As I'm new to the forum I'm don't really know who Stuart is

Ahh, that'll be me.  ;D

Sorry Stuart I didn't realise :'(
Ah maybe it wasn't a BRL21... I'll check the one I have at home later! I bought it too long ago for it to be on my purchase list I think, they were in the old style Q packaging
Because, amazingly, someone was selling 12 BRL21's, so I grabbed 2 (one for a contour I have had for a while...). (Stu, if you hear of Q finding loads of these, get them! The 12 sold out within 2 weeks @ 13 a go plus postage...)

BRL21 is showing as in stock on Q. I can do them less than that. The notes say it is just the outer brushroll though, which seems to be without innards? They also say Hoover Turbo 1?
Nah its fine. I saw it come in but was in the zombie zone!
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