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We are the north of England's largest Dyson parts specialist. We have access to all the UK's largest spare parts suppliers including Dyson themselves. We recycle thousands of Dyson machines every year to strip out the spare parts. Our buying power is such that we can pass on great savings to you.

Dyson is the UK's biggest vacuum cleaner brand by far - they are way bigger than even Hoover here. Dyson claim to hold 64% of the UK vacuum cleaner market. Being designed, developed and originally built in England, Dyson is one of our "home" brands of which we are proud.

Now the brand is gaining popularity and market share in the US the last few years, you guys are starting to repair and service your own machines; especially older models like the DC07 and DC14. Hence, you now need spare parts at reasonable prices (not inflated "imported" prices or nasty Chinese copies that don't fit). That means buying your parts from where Dysons actually come from: England.

Dysons and Dyson spares are traditionally rather expensive in the US. Because they are imported. Prices in the UK are much cheaper. Because Dyson is to vacuum cleaners here like what Wal-Mart is to groceries in the US. In many cases, this means that buying from the UK - and even paying international shipping - saves you money over local US prices. Often times, you can buy parts from the UK that are not even available in the US.

Can You Trust a UK Seller?

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Spares USAIn the US, you have the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Here they call it the Trading Standards Office. All our terms and conditions, article descriptions and site policies have been approved by the UK Trading Standards Office. We are a UK registed company and we adhere to all UK and European Union laws. Those laws are pretty much the same as the applicable laws in the US - only they have different names. We are licensed to sell products across the world. We don't seek to rip you off or spam you. We think happy customers are much easier to deal with than unhappy ones.

Can You Trust Manchester Vacs?

Dyson Spares IdahoOur official company name is "Manchester Vacs" - Because we are based in Manchester and we sell vacuum cleaner spares. Our Manchester roots date back to 1988 and we became Dyson specialists in the mid nineties. You can check us out on Google independently or you can read our testimonials >>here<<, see our Manchester local homepage >>here<<, or if you trust eBay, we are "Power Sellers" and "Trusted Sellers" on there under the name >>Dyson-Spares-Manchester<< where you will see we have a near 100% feedback rating. Although, our best deals never see eBay because they charge 10%+ in seller fees. Our best deals are always on our own site direct.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Spares FloridaDyson spares, parts and accessories. We stock new, used and reconditioned parts. We have huge stocks of used parts on three floors.

Ohio Dyson SparesInternational home delivery service available for Dyson spare parts via our Dyson Internet Shop.

Dyson DC07 Repair ManualWe stock Angus Black's Unofficial Dyson DC07 Workshop Manual in paperback. Pick one up for just £4.99 when you are buying your DC07 spare parts, or order online direct from >>this page<<.

Dyson Spare Parts ShopYou may choose to do business with us over the internet. Here is what you want to know before you do: We are not just another faceless internet site. We are a proper bricks and mortar old-fashioned shop too. We have an excellent reputation of which we are very proud. (Read our testimonials to see why.) With us, you don't call a premium rate telephone number, we speak plain (native) British English (which is almost like American!), we actually care that you are happy with your purchases and we even ring you back when we said we would - even in the US. Isn't that how things used to be and how they should be? We think so.

About Shopping in Pounds - GBP - £ Sterling

Dyson DoctorMany Americans are reluctant to shop in anything but dollars - simply because dollars are familar to them and they do not want to think about complicated currency conversions. However, there is nothing to worry about and we can make it simple for you.

The American dollar typically trades around $1.50 to £1 (sometimes a little less - sometimes a little more). This means that if an item costs £10, it will cost about $15. If an item costs £20, it will cost about $30. Simple huh?

Here are the live rates in Pacific time.

When you shop in Pounds with Paypal, Paypal converts the transaction to dollars for you and you see a dollar amount before final checkout. They do not charge for the currency conversion. If you shop using a credit or debit card, you will be billed in Pounds and your bank will do the conversion at live rates.

About Delivery to the United States

Dyson Spare Parts ShopThe only downside to shopping online in Europe is delivery times. Unfortunately, Homeland Security and US Customs can sometimes process incoming international parcels rather slowly. Delivery time can be anything from 5 days to three weeks. Royal Mail typically gets parcels stateside in two days, the delay is caused at US customs. More on delivery >>here<<.

Dyson DIY Repair Advice

Dyson Spare Parts ShopPlease do not telephone or email us for DIY repair advice - we are unable to give DIY repair advice or tutorials over the telephone. If you need DIY Dyson repair advice, please refer to this page: Dyson DIY Repair Resources.

We Deliver to the Following US States:

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Dyson DC18Dyson Spare Parts New Hampshire

Dyson DC27Dyson Spare Parts New Jersey

Dyson DC33Dyson Spare Parts New Mexico

The Dyson DC41Dyson Spare Parts New York

The Dyson DC40Dyson Spare Parts North Carolina

The Dyson DC42Dyson Spare Parts North Dakota

The Dyson DC43Dyson Spare Parts Ohio

The Dyson DC44Dyson Spare Parts Oklahoma

The Dyson DC45Dyson Spare Parts Oregon

The Dyson DC46Dyson Spare Parts Pennsylvania

The Dyson DC48Dyson Spare Parts Rhode Island

The Dyson DC48Dyson Spare Parts South Carolina

The Dyson DC49Dyson Spare Parts South Dakota

The Dyson DC50Dyson Spare Parts Tennessee

The Dyson DC51Dyson Spare Parts Texas

The Dyson DC52Dyson Spare Parts Utah

The Dyson DC54Dyson Spare Parts Vermont

The Dyson DC55Dyson Spare Parts Virginia

Dyson RadixDyson Spare Parts Washington

Dyson CanisterDyson Spare Parts West Virginia

Dyson DirectDyson Spare Parts Wisconsin

Dyson HoseDyson Spare Parts Wyoming

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Our online spare parts shop accepts Paypal

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