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  13. Dyson DC41 Mk2 (Erp) - Stripdown and Refurb!
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  20. track marks
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  22. DC40 Brush Bar Not Working. How can I test the brush bar motor?
  23. Dyson Ball Animal 2
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  30. DC40
  31. DC40 swivel lock arm replacement how to fix?
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  33. DC40/41 Plastic cog
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  35. Foam rings from DC41 MKll
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  41. I had a quick play with a DC40 ERP yesterday
  42. Where to buy a replacement brushroll drive cog? (ours on DC41 snapped)
  43. dyson brush bar not turning
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  45. DC40 Yoke cable replacement
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  50. DC40 ERP HELP