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Dyson Washing Machine Fault Codes


F1: Washing machine drum is overloaded

F2: Out of balance load detected

F3: Washing machine's outer door detected open

F4: Washing machine's inner door detected as open

F5: Washing machine has not drained

F6: Washing machine has not filled with water

F7: Washing machine motor tacho open circuit

F8: Washing machine has overfilled with water

F9: Fault code not used

F10: Overspeed detected, motor triac failure

F11: No motor action detected (this usually means you need a new main power board).

F12: Invalid temperature sensor reading

F13: Washing machine not heating or heating not detected

F14: Flooding

F15: Gear change failure - too slow

F16: Not stopping - motor triac failure

F17: Not used

F18: Gear change failure - too fast

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