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How to Strip Down a Dyson DC39 to Access the Motor

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Dyson Tech:
Today we have done a motor swap in a DC39. So I thought we would document it for the benefit of others.

First, we remove the two wheels by undoing the T15 screw holding each one on.

And we then remove the swivelling undercarriage with the four screws:

Which then comes off like so:

Dyson Tech:
Then we undo this screw - one on each side:

Followed by the four screws on each side here:

These two below (two of the four above) cannot be accessed without removing the swivelling mechanism:

Dyson Tech:
Then the unit splits open like this, and we can see the HEPA filter inside and the motor bucket.

The motor bucket is opened using these clips: (there are three)

And then we can see the motor:

Which is a YV-16K24FA.

We keep these motors in stock which you can find here: Dyson DC39 Motor. The screwdriver you need is to be found here.

A note on reassembly: In the motor bucket, there are three rubber locators. They must be located in the corresponding cut outs in the motor cover or the motor will howl when reassembled.

I am trying to replace the HEPA filter.  I have kids - don't ask why!!! I made it to the bottom of the page but I need to now disconnect the electrical - without causing harm.  I don't want to pull to firmly since I don't know what is on the other side or how it is actually connected.   Suggestions???

You dont remove anything here,  you need to remove the motor from its housing,  then the wires from inside there and feed them out.

Theres a DC39 stripdown thread in the main forum,  that should show you,  and tell you how to seperate/reattach the motor housing to the filter unit


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