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Author Topic: Where to find a Dyson washing machine engineer in the Weston-super-Mare area?  (Read 5255 times)

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 :'(  :bow: HELP! With Dyson having "pulled the plug" on support and service of their washing machines without informing us directly - NO, I did NOT receive any such communication from Dyson as claimed and my washing machine was repaired and serviced 25th September 2012 less than a week before Dyson claim they informed everyone - are there any Dyson-washing-machine-engineers out there servicing my area looking to earn some extra money fixing my beloved CR01?

I (as in my wife) keep getting messages 'close inner door' and 'close outer door'. Need new inner door, new outer door and a new detergent drawer. This old work horse has years to go before it goes and dies on me

 :dead-dyson: IT ISN'T DEAD YET!!!

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Looking at this solution on Fixya, they suggest the inner door catch wants replacing.

But it seems unlikely if the outer latch is also faulty that they would go at the same time.

Did these both happen together? Are there any F faults displayed? Or are the doors physically broken? We have the outer doors, not sure about the inner one - but we have the release latches, which are known to break. 

Can you give us some more info?

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 :tiphat: Hi. Messages were happening one after the other.  :underchair: found the inner-door latch was very stiff.  :thumbsup: a sqirt of WD-40 "appears" to have fixed that.

 :reading: with the outer door, the latch on the door moves about a lot and when you close the door the door frame moves a bit too. Anyways, my wif  :bow:  :bow:  :bow: has got it going again  :grinn:  :grinn:  :grinn:

 :coffee: for now

 :icon_nod:  :icon_nod:  :icon_nod: If only the engineer had said at the time or swapped phone numbers  :icon_nod:  :icon_nod:  :icon_nod: but there we go  :grinn:

I'll keep in mind what you've said.   :tiphat: Thank-you!



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