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Author Topic: Tutorial: Replacing the Small Bearing Cog on a DC24 to Stop Play in the Ball.  (Read 17588 times)

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There is a common fault on the DC24 that is the ball becoming loose and clunky. It will have significant play up and down on the left side of the ball if you look at it from the front.

This play can cause the ball to catch on the HEPA filter inside the ball and clatter in use. In extreme cases the play when using the machine can cause the HEPA filter to pop out which can lock the ball up.

Most of the machines we recondition and many of those we service and repair need a replacement small cog bearing.

If your ball has significant lift at the left hand side to the extent it clunks up and down, this is the repair job that will fix it. Its a cheap part and an easy fix. This time, instead of a series of photos, we decided to try our hand at a video.

If you need a single small bearing cog for a home repair, you can get one here: >>Dyson DC24 small Bearing Cog<<.

If you are in the trade, you may prefer a pack of ten which you can get here: >>10x Dyson DC24 Ball Small Bearing Cogs<<.

Questions and comments are welcome.  :thumbsup:
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I have a DC24 in for a refurb and new motor this weekend (from a massive farm, their only cleaner...) and have found the WORSE ball cog I have ever seen

I'm hoping it's not worn the housing away on the ball cover too much and a new Bearing Cog (and new motor housing with the new motor) will fix it!

Luckily, I have some of your cogs in the shed  :thumbsup:
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 :o  holly shit  :o

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Damn almost as thin as paper! :o



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