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Hitachi Powerhouse CV-770D Refurb!


I've had this one a while, saw it on ebay back in the summer, missed it, and grabbed it on the re-list. SWMBO picked it up, as she was going shopping that day (could have been any day really  :underchair:)

I remember seeing these everywhere when I was little! They ran for a few years, did a 900w, this one, 1100w, and 1300w I think, in different colours!

The hose came off first, as I had a load of dyson hoses and filters to wash, so bunged this in as well

Typical hitachi tools

It wasnt too bad when I got it, but it was a tad loud

So, on with the usual!

Bag door off

Door catch popped off

Inner seal removed

Pre motor filter wasnt too bad, I think the elderly couple who owned it since new took ok care of it

Handle off

Top cap popped off

Onto the underneath now

Blockage channel removed

Hood unscrewed and removed

Release pedal off

Belt guard off

Very stretched belt and brushroll removed

Brushroll end caps off

and the brushroll was split down

One of the bearings was seized solid, and the other was none too healthy, which explained the awful noise it made. More on that later

2 pivot hinges removed and the base seperates from the main body

Onto the wheels now

Wheels removed, and the brace bar removed, with its orientation refrenced

Height adjuster knob split and removed

There were 2 pictures of the rest of the reclining mechanism being removed, but the flash made them useless so I'll skip that, and move onto removing the baseplate seal

I tried to remove the rear wheels, but failed, and didn't want to damage the, so left them be!

Many screws later, and the main body of the machine splits into 2

Was filthy

Lower cord hook removed

Hose clip removed

Onto the top wiring now

Mains incoming terminal

I see alot of solder sadly around the switch terminals

I had to snip a wire to remove it all

Then realised I'd snipped the wrong wire, so had to snip again  :censored:

Carrying on, the bag fill indicator piston pops off

The whole motor assembly lifts out now, and this is the suction diverter piece

The bag seal pulls out

as does the bag holding clip

These clogged bits of foam revealed themselves

On to the motor now, it didnt look too clever

Rubber mount off

I decided to see how far the motor comes apart, so fan shroud tapped off

Fan retaining nut off

Fan and inner shroud off

The carbon brushes are removed with just a few screws

Which takes the rest of the wiring with it

All the wires the machine has

4 more screws seperate the motor unit

The coil seems to be fixed, so I didnt persuade it too hard, but the fancase bearing tapped out easily

and, brilliantly, was re-greaseable!

so I did

Coil and armature looked very good

and again, had a servicable bearing

All tickled, I re-assembled the motor unit

All the screws for the whole machine

Everything was the nwashed and dried, including the motor fan and fan cover as it was full of dust, and hair as it turned out once the water flushed it through!

All back together with the clean motor seals

Clean foam bungs were re-fitted

And I then fitted a lick of tape over them for good measure

Cleaned bag seal refitted

Motor was mated back up with the suction diverter, then the whole assembly drops into the chassis

Bag piston reassembled

and refitted

All the wiring was fitted and trunked appropriatly

and crimped up where I cut it

Lower cord hook and hose hook refitted

Bottom section now

Hood seal fitted

Reclining mechanism fitted

Front wheels refitted

Pivot clamps fitted

and the hood and blockage window screwed down. Was waiting for bearings by this point, so left her like this

Bag door clip back on

and the seal pushed into its slot

The pre motor filter cleaned up nicely

and that was that! 2 weeks later, the new bearings arrived (from some country or other), so work re-commenced!

anti vibration shim fitted into the bearing holder

fitted into the brushroll

End caps and axle fitted

New belts

All finally back together

And the old girl is all done! Things got a bit busy with paying Dyson work, so I've been using it upstairs whilst I wait to polish and wax and finish her, so for now, that's it!

Firstly, thanks for adding me.  :tiphat:  Apologies for replying to a six year old thread.  Top quality thread by the way!  This is exactly the well written sort of thing you always hope for when you look up something on the web. 

We inherited one of these vacs from the mother in law.  I'm sure she already had it in the mid seventies when I first met her!  Anyway it has become our (shamefully) old  tatty vac for using and abusing.  It looks nothing like your lovely example and gets used for vacuuming the garage or anywhere else where we don't want to risk ours!  But still it goes on...

It is loud like yours was and once you switch it off it loudly drones down to silence.  I haven't stripped it down yet but I am fairly sure it is the brushroll bearings.  From your description it looks like you managed to get some from somewhere, do you have any idea of part numbers or any source for spare parts for such an old thing?  I don't mind actual bearing numbers and I don't mind waiting for the slow boat from China as long as we can keep the poor old thing going!

Hi, thanks!  :tiphat: Always nice when obscure threads like this get awoken!

Fully can't remember off my head what they were, but the number will be on the side of the bearing if you can pop it out to check. Then a quick ebay search/bearing supplier search of that number and voila! A new belt will shut it up too as it'll tension the motor and brushroll correctly!

Good luck, sounds like the old girls got plenty of life left yet! The motors in them aren't known for burning out, indeed most are replaced just because the owner is bored of them!

Thanks for your reply.  :thumbsup:  I will do that.  I like to keep things going.  I used to be a mechanic before I retired and old habits die hard!  I fixed up my old Panasonic MC series years ago and when it finally died I found a 1700w version on a local facebook group.  'Only used upstairs' it said and it must have been true, it was like brand new.  It was like a 'barn find' to me!  ;D

I wouldn't mind owning an old Electrolux 345 cylinder vac like we had home when I was a teenager.  That had some real suction and it also had the 'blow' function too which was useful, you hardly ever see that on vacuum cleaners these days. 


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