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9am - I had a rolly and checked ebay. Nothing
10am -  Rolly time again, checked ebay again for reasons unknown and Boom, there she was!

Advertised for spares/repairs, in storage for 15 years, new cyclone unit 6 years ago and currently dead. £9.99 BIN.

10.04am - I owned a DC03 Clear!

4pm came, and I drove over for 4.30. Home by 5.20 thanks to some stupid  :censored:mazda 6 on the twisties doing 25mph because theres a corner...

To be fair to the seller he turned it over and pointed this out straight away, the centre part of the baseplate is missing. I  assured him this was not an issue  :thumbsup:

Because I'm hopeful that someone we all know and love has one he would be prepared to sell... :bow:

This highlights another issue, the wheel axle has gone rusty, staining the lower motor cover. I've seen new ones on q know who, BUT, that would mean loosing/moving the ratings sticker over and I doubt that would go well so may well tidy this up but leave it slightly stained...

Cyclone is indeed bob new! Has signs of VERY brief use. I will use this more before I refurb it, then probably not use it at all afterwards!

So, all this being brilliant and all, it was indeed dead. I started at the switch, and after 10 minutes of painstaking levering, I cracked the chassis very very slightly, and the switch came out. The contacts were green and it didnt click when pressed. It's a 4 pole switch though (need one of those too, more urgently tbh), so I cut up some cable I chopped off a 1981 Electrolux above some damage, and bridged the cables (as I can't just go crimping new spades onto the end so they plug into each other as you can see it!)


Suction is much better than my DC03 Absolute+, and it highlighted a blockage in the wand! Blockage removed it was fine! I think the belts need replacing though!

This will be a tough refurb, as I'll have to polish the blody inside as much as the outside! Hey ho...

I have one of these they are lovely, but can be so fragile, I hope "you know who" has a base plate, I was very lucky and found a complete new one on ebay but it cost about £15.00  I think these perform exceptionally well given the tiny motor.

I just checked three suppliers, none have that baseplate. I can try two more on Monday. I'll also look in our DC03 stuff just in case we do.

Edit: Q have them, part number 900196-02

Holy cow so they do! Feel free to ask about but I'll probably just add that to my next order, unless I need any more bits which you can get!

Amazing how parts supplies drop off the face of the earth isn't it! Can't find much new dc03 stuff nowadays I've found

We bought a stack of wands and brushrolls today. Still have new motors and clutches. I am planning to refurb my silver/white DC03 I recently came by soon.  8)


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