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We Have a Kleeneze Rotork Cyclon Restoration Project.

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This is going to be a somewhat ambitious restoration. If possible.

A lady contacted us with a battle scarred Kleeneze Rotork Cyclon that has been in a barn the last decade. If you dont know what one is, we have a topic >>here<< that explains.

A deal was done, and here it is packed up ready to leave Wales on its way to us.

I am hoping to see it next week, and I will update the topic here on what will probably be a slow restoration.

Meanwhile, and this is a long shot I know, if anyone happens to have a soleplate or brushroll around? Or even a wand? Any attachments?

Or anyone who owns one of these (as I know a few here do) who can give any pointers about cross compatibility of the missing parts with other vacs? I could also use a photo of the underside of a complete one so I can see the soleplate and brushroll.

Anyone else out there with one of these - dead or alive - do get in touch if it needs a new home. 

Thoughts, comments and advice welcome.

Wow, that is amazing!

Posting on Vacuumland may yeild you some info. TBH I know 0 about these!

I presume DC01 bits don't fit, they are completely different machines in every way arent they

Looks to be complete at least. What motor do these use though?


--- Quote from: macman on June 12, 2015, 03:02:41 PM ---Looks to be complete at least. What motor do these use though?

--- End quote ---

Its missing tools, soleplate and brushroll, but appears otherwise complete. I wont know for sure till I see it though.

On motor, I have no idea either till we take it out. I expect it will use a generally available motor of the era though. Unlikely they engineered one just for these.

Hopefully, it will run and just sound like crap (has anyone actually heard a Cyclon run?), and you can get it apart and change the bearings (you got a puller, right?)

Then, clean the commutor up with wire wool until shiney, wash the palstics and soak the fan. Then a ligth smear of LHM (or grease) on all the moving parts, lob it back together and hope! If the motor case is held together with screws when you get it apart, you may be in luck!

But it's american, so god knows what motor it will have. I imagine it will be something common to other machines though. What's the wattage? 900w?


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