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Author Topic: Gtech SW02 Cordless Sweeper - Stripdown and Refurb  (Read 10442 times)

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Gtech SW02 Cordless Sweeper - Stripdown and Refurb
« on: June 24, 2015, 10:44:19 pm »
I bought this from the car boot a year or so ago

A Coopers of Stortford CSW02A, which is a rebadged Gtech machine, as divulged by the ratings plate

Truth be told it's not that good. It's a sweeper, and I got bored of it pretty quickly and it's been kicking about in our porch cupboard for over a year. Works well enough, but I'd rather get a proper vacuum out even for small cleanups (or the DC16 which I got not long after this)

is the before video, and tbh it worked the same afterwards, just cleaner and shinier!

So, onto the stripdown (this won't take long, don't worry! Probably the shortest refurb thread I;ve written. No Dark Side of the Moon style epic thread this time I'm afraid!)

Handle apart

Dirt tray slides out

The clear trim on the edge pops out

Onto the underside now

and into the battery compartment

Wiring reference shot

Even the battery has been rebranded!

This bit of foam fills the gap that I imagine is taken up by a bigger battery on some models

The brushroll cover pops off anyway for maintenance without tools

Brushroll was full of thread and bits of carpet

The edge brush spins with the brushroll, and is removed by squeezing the tab

The brushroll fell out at this stage too

The edge brush splits down by squeezing the release tab

Next job is to remove the main cover

This rubber strip slides out

as do these small wheels

6 screws hold the main unit together

The comically long belt

The bottom of the handle falls out now as its held in with the main housing

and has a little sprung wheel in to lock it upright

The rear wheels fall out as well

The PCB is held in with 2 screws

The powerhouse

Power switch unclips from underneath

Brushroll end cap unscrews

The cogs on the end of the brushroll pull off the spindle

And it's apart. It took me all of 6 minutes to wash it, and it dried within the hour, so went back together that afternoon! (think this happened on Sunday)

The brushroll is comically soft, it deformed under its own weight sat in the airing cupboard!

End cogs back on

End cap back on

switch popped back in

Electronics back in

This was quite tricky as the spring is really stiff

dropped into place

squeegee and wheels back onto the base

The housing was screwed back together, and the brushroll and edge brush snapped back into place

End cap onto the dirt tray

A good polish with silicone heavy car polish to shine up the green

And it's done!

I didn't do an after video, as I didnt want to get it dirty again, and tbh it worked about the same, maybe a bit smoother as I put a drop of grease on the brushroll spindles. Hopefully it's being picked up on Friday to go to a new home!

It certainly made a change after doing nothing but DC07s for the last few weeks!
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