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Author Topic: My new toy!!!  (Read 2303 times)

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My new toy!!!
« on: October 05, 2015, 02:03:10 PM »
Picked up a Dyson DC07 last night for 35 after I sold my 8 silver lime DC04 for 15 and bought this after wanting a clutched Dc07 for a short while. I have a DC14 Animal with a blown motor and a ruined post motor filter and lid aswell.

This is a Dyson DC07i which has all its tools and had been cleaned but not refurbishhed so will do that this weekend. It is a DC07i but with a full gear cyclone assembly and an origin bin. Wanted the reinforced handle and red bin flap though but its fine, the rest of the parts are red except for the glamour caps and the cleaner head circlips as well as the soleplate fasteners. This machine is so lovely to use! Taller than the DC41 and has a more comfortable handle. Brilliant suction and the scarlet red is very bright and vibrant. I love it! Going to use this as a daily driver now rather than the Dc41 and I get to see the dirt spinning again! Can't get that with a DC41 or any modern Dyson for that matter sadly.
DC14s are tanks, just need a slightly longer motor life. Do plastic parts often break on DC14s? Nope. DC41- Sexy looking futuristic and powerful machine. Just needs a better designed cleaner head wheel and cyclone clip along with a dense metal rod in the chassis.

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