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So, (a while ago now), I refurbished my cheap DC39. The unblocking steps are in the 'much cheapness' thread. This will concentrate on the refurb.

It worked quite well before tbh

This will not include the AirMuscle head that came with this, as I broke it... I will do a separate thread for that.

First things first, I needed to put a wash on. So out came the filter

Which was quite clean anyway

It strips down like so

Hose next

The clips pop off the machine end

and off the tools end

They went into the washing machine with some other bits.

The tools cant really be disassembled (and I lost the upholstery tool, more on that later...)

The extension wand does not come apart, but the red adjustment button does

Clip removed from the hose handle

and the end of the wand

On to the machine itself, and for this, you need small screwdrivers. My car boot special set came in very handy

We start with the front pivot part of the machine. Cyclone off, turn it over

Normal screws first

Wit ha bit of manoeuvring, the flexible hose part pulls up, which enables the main housing to be pulled down and off the locating peg thing

2 phillips screws here to hold the cover on for the flexible hose/cyclone locating part

2 stupid tiny screws hold the front of the front hose onto the main housing

The two parts now seperate

The hose pulls off the two ends

The pivoting part of the main housing is held together with a big circlip

The front wheel pops off in the way all front wheels do

The 2 middle wheels pivot with the machine, using a peg that located into the machine, and turns the wheels when the hose is pulled left or right

2 normal screws here, which when removed release a peg that runs through each wheel, and releases all it's mechanism

Some more normal size but proper short screws split the front housing in two

So far (ignore the musclehead screws...)

Main machine now

The top handle needs to be lifted further first, it's held down by 2 tabs that sit just inside the machine

Then it does this

Next, the wheels need to come off


Lots of hair was wrapped around the inside

The retaining washer/part that sits inside the bearing is held on by another circlip each side

You may wish to try the wheels on like a hat, this is optional...

Next, undo the screws you can see from the underside of the machine, then flip it over and undo the screw each side that are on top

With luck, the motor housing will fall apart now

There is a very non dyson like diffuser inside the lower cover

The metal brackets that the rear wheels screw into screw into the main body themselves

To release the motor and filter from the top housing, prise the locating lug out on each side

and undo the 2 screws accessible from the top

and the philips screw that holds the park bracket in

be sure to catch all of the rubber motor housing bushes as they fall out

Stuff should fall apart now

Feed the plug back through the hole, and the top motor housing is now free. You can see how the top handle attaches inside the housing

it simply pops out either end

and is removed

The bar that locks the handle down, and moves to release it when you press the button sits under the top lip

With a little spring at the end

It simply pops out

The release button does pop out of the housing, but it requires 2 screwdrivers and I very nearly stabbed myself with one of them when the switch released...

Going back to the top handle, the plate that latches with the pivoting bar is held in with a screw

Both it and the big seal can be removed

Awful picture, but here is the motor assembly

The switch is the usual Dyson affair and is removed easily

The neutral cable join is covered by our old friend from the DC14 days

You can now let the motor fall out the bottom of the filter assembly

The cord rewind and power switch pedals unclip from the top of the housing

I could not figure out how to release the cord reel assembly from the post filter one

It comes apart this much, but there is no way of the plate coming apart to be removed from the cable, and it doesn't fit through the hole in the post filter housing

The post filter itself was a bit grubby but not too bad, and the suction is certainly good enough that I just left it alone

The cord rewind unit twists and locks onto the post filter assembly, and the cable guide for the motor wires lines up with the hole in the edge of the filter housing

With the cord reel unable to come apart any further, I moved onto the motor

Three tabs release the top cover. The seal is bonded to the unit

Three rubber bungs sit inside the motor housing and centre the motor up

The motor wires sit around the outer edge of the motor housing

The motor lifts out, and the wires disconnect

The motor loom pulls out of the housing

Comm looks healthy

That part done, onto the cyclone

Bin off

The bin release rod unclips from the side of the bin

The bottom flap pops off the bin with a quick squeeze under the arm, and the seals upon it are removed

The cyclone shroud is held in with very shallow clips. They don't need prising out much to pop off

Next, all these screws need to be removed. They are very small, and will be full of crap so are hard to undo

The finish has worn away with all the grit that will fly around this top part (they are exposed to the dirt path)

This splits the cyclone apart a bit

Rubber seal lifts out

and the inner cone lifts off each little cyclone one by one

Buried inside the cyclone are more tiny screws, that luckily my very long smallest driver just about undid. This releases the top of the cyclone

The foam gasket is in good condition

The cyclone top splits down even more

The last tiny screw secures the tiny cyclone handle on

Done, she is stripped!

And washed, and polished and mostly laid out

Cyclone bits first

Cyclone handle refitted

Cyclone gasket refitted

The two white bits are bought together and sat ontop of the main unit

and screwed in

Inner cone is clipped onto the cyclone tips

The outer part of the cyclone is screwed down, and I was crafty and used the screws with the worn finish inside the cyclone, and the nice looking screws that were inside on the outside so it looks better

Shroud clipped on, it really is damn flimsy when off!

Bottom flap sealed up

Filter clipped back together

and fitted

Onto the machine now. Motor loom run into the housing, plugged in and motor dropped home

Wires re-routed

Pedals and switch refitted, motor housing rubbers fitted then mated with the filter housing

Handle now. Seal on and retaining bar fitted

Button and spring fitted

Latch fitted

Fit the top handle but don't pop the lugs under yet

This was a bit of a pain, refitting the motor assembly into the machine. One lug snapped right in, the other required a bit of persuasion that luckily is hidden behind the wheel

Screws fitted

and the spring that makes it pop up

Now you can clip the top handle down

and screw the tool holder in

Now it's time to mate these two together

Fit the diffuser

and fit the lower housing. It's much easier to turn the top part upside down, as the motor isn't held in, which makes for hilarity when trying to lower the top part down...

Screws falling fast

Hubs fitted

Wheel centres circlipped back in

and screw them back on

Front pivotey part now

This bit is removeable, I didn't realise. Pointless to do though

Screw the two halves together

Fit the pivot bar and wheels

Front wheel

Fit the lower part

and the top part

Fit the hose back together

and fit it, making sure the lug fits in the pivot bar

Fit the top cover/cyclone holder

then fit and screw all that to the machine, being sure to fiddle the whole thing onto the big peg it needs to sit on...

Pop the cyclone back on, which is a fiddly horrible job in itself

Next, clip the hose and pole clips back on

Pop the tool holder back on

Bloody upholstry tool is still missing

Now, because I broke the Musclehead, and want to ebay this for much , I bid and won some cheap new heads. First, a plain, boring carpet and floor nozzle

Then a swanky swish Triggerhead

And sunk a scary 10 on a new upholstry tool

Total now 44.55, I took some ebay pictures

The triggerhead cuts off if too much power is applied

But worked fine on the DC39!


As usual, I enjoy reading these threads ;D :Thumbsup:

I always wonderered, how does the top of the cyclone seal with the duct? I can't see any seals and that's just connecting to a filter :s

Respect as always  :bow:

Thanks Dilys!

Tayyab - There isn't a rubber seal on the bit that clips into the top of the filter, but is a big rubber seal under the moving part of the filter housing, so that must seal it up when clicked down, that or magic! (just not done by Paul Daniels...)


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