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Author Topic: Information and a Story about the Dyson Washing Machine (CR01 and CR02)  (Read 21830 times)

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Here we go, Ewan tells another story

We had a CR01 in Purple, I absolutely loved it even when I was a lot younger. Mum and Dad bought it Brand New from Curry's, I think it cost Just over £1200, the price for it was way out of the box but i can't honestly remember when it was first released, might have been 2001. We bought it when it just came out. We registered it with a 7 year parts and parts and labor guarantee, I think it only came with 2 years if you didn't register it and that was included with the deal with Curry's.

Well, It done us really well, it was handy for children such as me, I'd always get my clothes dirty up to something and it removed the stains from clothes really well compared to the other washing machines with just the single drum. We actually had an old hoover washing machine before we got the Dyson. It was pretty much done, it chewed our clothes for what ever reason i do not know.

What made this Washing machine so special was the diff in it, basically to put into perspective here is a picture explaining it sort of. it was way better at removing dirt from you're clothes

Our one was maintained by our local Dyson Engineer, Its had some new parts added to it over time

Its Had a new motor, old one failed
2 belts
Control panel, certain buttons started to fail on the old one.
New firmware. Ill explain that in a min.
and a new coin trap. Improved one, the clip was crap on the first one!

There was a new firmware upgrade for the CR01's. The update was only to remove a rinse cycle as it was not needed and waste. no one in our area noticed the change apart from my Mum, Mum phoned them say something is not right its missing something? the Dyson Engineer said, we have had no one in the whole of the UK notice he firmware upgrade.

Sometimes I didn't really see the point of the CR02 coming out but it did have one feature that the CR01s didn't have and that was an overfilling sensor that was about, a few plastic parts and the control panel improved but can get the improved parts for the CR01 anyway.

I don't know how many years it was but I know it was a long time, I think it started to come up with with F15 code I'm not to sure, What it basically ment was the Contrarotator was Worn and so was the bearing. We called out our Dyson Engineer one more time to disable the Contrarotator, He knew how much that washing machine ment to us so he kept it going as long as he could. So it was just acting like a Standard Washing machine. When it was time for it to go Dad took some of the plastic parts off and the control panel and the cable as well because I wanted it, I used the top cover as a snow board, I think it might still be in the shed somewhere and the cable is used on our train set to this day. Yeah its a Washing machine but I'll always miss it no matter what.
James Dyson discontinued making another Dyson washing machine, as it wouldn't make much of a profit and no one would buy it as it would be really expensive because of the technology into making it.

Ill Post some pictures if I find some on the computer of our one.

I hope you all Enjoy  :thumbsup:



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