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Author Topic: The Big One: Sebo -v- Dyson  (Read 27706 times)

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Re: The Big One: Sebo -v- Dyson
« Reply #30 on: August 01, 2016, 07:34:43 PM »
Tbh I haven't had much sebo expierence, the one I have got is a k1 which has now gone fualty. Most dysons I have head have been good. My favourite over all are the dc04 and dc05but there getting rare these days. The best modern dyson I've had is the dc25. ;)

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Re: The Big One: Sebo -v- Dyson
« Reply #31 on: December 29, 2019, 02:16:11 PM »
I must say, Dyson beats Sebo when it comes to attachments. Reach under tool, tangle free turbine and dusting brushes are great. Sebo's dusting brush is useless and I cannot understand why they dont improve it in any way. The bristles just end up being sucked and all dirt just stops on them.
Oh, so you can remove the wand from X series and just use tools at the end of the wand. I didn't know it. That's handy. Although those machines are so heavy and bulky that I would imagine them being good only in large houses.
Also from ibaisaic's videos I kinda feel like they're not good at deep cleaning carpets.

I love Sebo's E series though. Which is really surprising cause when I first saw it in John Lewis store it seemed heavy and bulky. Obviously it needs improvements like upholstery tool not coming off the hose's end and maybe a bit longer lead, but it's so much better than Miele's or Dyson's cylinders that I've used and I've used a lot of vacuums  :coffee:

I'm not sure about Sebo's uprights, I mean I only really used Felix and kinda can't get used to it. I like to vacuum literally everything, cushions, curtains, pillows, crevices and literally every corner. With Felix it's just a pain. The vacuum falls over and holding it all the time is really annoying. Why can't the hose be stretchy like Dyson's? I'm not sure about it's efficiency on hard floors too. Dyson's I've had were much better.
I must say, I prefer Dyson's uprights. Small Ball and Light Ball are great. It might be messy to empty but I find it calming when I see how much it's picking up. I know, it will look like it's picked more cause the dirt is fluffed up and on bagged cleaners is compressed so doesn't look like it's picked up much but still.

I'm really curious to try DC40 but nobody here seems to be a fan of this model. My local vacuum cleaner shop sells them for 79 and I don't know why but I feel like they're smaller and lighter than Light Ball.

I've always liked bagged cleaners more than bagless but as I said, there's something nice in looking how much it's picking up.


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