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Well this is one of a few I have recently acquired.  :tiphat:


I recognise this vac is almost as if i used to own it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice! I want a Kirby Sentria


--- Quote from: deluxevacs on July 23, 2016, 11:16:23 PM ---I recognise this vac is almost as if i used to own it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--- End quote ---

Crazy ain't it!!

Good to see you're still on this forum mate.

-Rusty. :tiphat:

I miss my G5! Bought it at the car boot for a tenner with EVERYTHING. Had a dodgy tech drive though, and a loose handle. Tighten up of the handle bolt, and 15 for the bit of the tech drive that was broken later and it was amazing! Used it as a daily driver in our 1 bed flat for about 8 months, it really bought the pile up a treat!

Phenomenal suction through the tools too, and it wasn't too much of a faff to go round once in upright mode, then convert to cylinder mode and go round again. Used to clean the cars out with it too. It would slide under the bed with the handle flat too, so was easy to store. Still remember the noise the tech drive used to make, infact here is a video of it!

Would have another one in a heartbeat, just seen one on Gumtree for 50, but I don't have 50, and we have too much laminate for it to be much use now. The day we move into somewhere carpeted throughout though...


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