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Author Topic: Dyson DC54 pressure relief valve needs greater resistance/tension.  (Read 2403 times)

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Hi all, first post so hopefully I did it right. Just looking for a little advice/help if that’s okay? I have a Dyson DC54 which is running fine however as soon as there is any resistance to the flow of air the pressure relief valve releases and the suction diminishes by 50% at least. Even vacuuming a curtain is enough to trigger the pressure relief valve. Obviously it’s not meant to be this loose but I’m wondering how to tighten it. I had a DC 23 which I tightened the relief valve on as it wasn’t resetting after it had been triggered and all I had to do was stretched a spring a tiny bit and the issue was fixed however the DC 54 doesn’t seem as simple. In fact I can’t find the pressure relief valve. At present the only way to reset the valve is to pick that Dyson up by the carry handle So I assume the pressure relief valve is under that hinged handle however after taking the Dyson apart I couldn’t find it. Would anybody be able to help please? Thanks in advance.

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