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Hoovers vs Kirbys

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So I know the old Hoovers are VERY good machines, they clean really really well and seem to be such a good vacuum, but out of curiosity, why do collectors prefer them over Kirbys? I think Kirbys are more powerful though and they aren't too heavy to push either lol, I never understood the Hoover craze.

Hoovers and Kirbys both agitate very well, both can lift carpets off the floor, both have a nice big bag, headlight, the smooth vintage vacuum sound, the brushbar roars etc etc

I am going to find a working vintage Hoover and run a test.

I prefer Kirby lol, just feels more powerful

I've done a Kirby g5 vs hoover turbopower... Was a close call, Kirby was slightly better though. I'll try and find it later on my youtube

That's no good, you at least need to use a Hoover of the same time period.


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