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A Vintage 1960s Siemens VS3145 Vacuum Cleaner.

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We got hold of this yesterday..........

In our opinion, it is quite a straight-looking and unmolested machine that is ideal for the vacuum collector. We were advised it has had just the one owner since new in 1966.

Cylinders and tubs don't generally flick my switch as I prefer uprights for collectible machines for our museum, so I have decided to move it along.

Made in "Western Germany" (as it was called before the wall came down).

Nice retro switch and styling.......

The ubiquitous cloth bag filter........

Thanks to the cloth filter, amazingly clean inside........

And best of all, with the original handbook.

If anyone fancies it, it will be on eBay this evening after 8pm item number 232278416155.  :thumbsup:

That's amazing! I can see alot of Hitachi in it!

Good old solid beasty, should last for years to come !


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