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Author Topic: 7 top tips in 70 seconds - Keeping in top order  (Read 4069 times)

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7 top tips in 70 seconds - Keeping in top order
« on: March 28, 2017, 11:03:57 PM »
This is a little How-To keep your DC04 in great condition.
As most are aware I own a DC04 De Stijl, In amazing condition I bought from Dyson Revivers who do pretty good refurbished vacuums, with 3 month warranty.
I try and keep it in as good condition as possible, because its a De Stijl and they are starting to get rare now.
So ive started limiting my use on it and use my DC14 Animal quite a lot upstairs, but the De Stijl get quite a lot of use downstairs - every day, compared to the DC14 - once a week.

So heres how I look after it:

1) Wash the bin every month - I wash the bin every month to keep it like new for as long as possible. I fill it with water, add a little drop of Lynx body wash and rinse it out, finally dry it with a towel. - I was also told that spraying the inside with silicone is good too, however I haven't tried it.

2) Rinse the bin after every empty - I just fill the bin with water, empty it. dry the bin, and re insert the insert and replace on the machine after every empty.

3) Keep it in a dark room - I keep my Dyson's in my Bedroom where during most of the day - the entire night till 4:30PM the blinds are shut. this helps stop the machine from fading/sun bleach. And faded purple is a pretty horrible mess on a dyson.

4) washing the filters regualy - wash the filter every 3 months, no matter what state - cleanish or covered in dust because it will help keep the motor lasting longer - resulting in not having to replace the motor, meaning its not constantly being taken apart.

5) Keep the brushroll free of hair or other tangles - keeping the brushroll clean is important - not only do the brushes work better when clean but also puts less stress on the belt. since the clutch only clicks in if the brushroll won't budge, if the brushroll is only held back a bit the belts will slip but brush still turn

6) Always returning a tool to the onboard storage - always return a tool to the storage after using it even if your gonna use it in a second after switching tools because otherwise the tools will get lost, if said tool is loose/hanging off then fix it - replace it correctly to the machine, since tolls add a little value to the machine since they cost money to replace.

7) Replace any damaged parts - keep checking eBay for the correct coloured part that it missing/broken on your machine, since soon these will be lesser available to find replace them while they are about, De Stijl wands are pretty rare, if yours snapps, temporarily replacing it with grey or purple is fine, but grab that red one when you spot it to add value.

Thats my 7 top tips in 70 seconds (ish).

Thanks, hope it helps some of you.

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