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Author Topic: Using WD40 on Dysons  (Read 14265 times)

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Re: Using WD40 on Dysons
« Reply #60 on: November 17, 2019, 02:35:45 AM »
i try not to use wd40, unless to free off seized metal parts.
Ptfe based spray i find ok for moving plastics.

Grease from the tub is good for other applications but a word of warning using the pound shop aerosol style grease.

I believe it is petroleum based, i had an electric black and decker strimmer in for repair, the one with the moving plastic swivel head. stripped - found the bad cable, thought i would clean up the motor and commutator etc whilst in there.

All went well, then i thought after reassembly the head plastics felt a bit rough when twisting and locking into required position, a liberal spray of this grease into the moving plastics well sorted it.....
However, as i suspect it is petroleum based (smells like it to me ) it produced a highly flammable vapour in the head assembly which isnt good with the slightest spark from the motor brushes....

This one exploded as i tested the unit, quite a bang for a small amount of spray grease.
Very funny looking back  ;D
Hello again, Just taken your advice and placed an order for this product 11 50 pm on 15/11/19, it will arrive Sunday 16/11/19 - Good old amazon prime (free trial period of course) no annual paid subscriptions here :)
Not sure on price as I had 15 minutes to place the order and I bought other stuff as well, including the MV recommendation High performance Silicone Lubricant as used by MV (just to cover my bases).
Memo to self - avoid buying stull online after you have had two tins of 8% K cider as you tend to get carried away :)
Ah well, it's only money, you cannot take it with you. Catch you later. Jim.

Offline Grumpy Jim

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Re: Using WD40 on Dysons
« Reply #61 on: November 17, 2019, 02:59:58 AM »
WD40 is fine with plastic, I've used it for years including on Dyson's flimsy plastic with no issues. I use it on everything to clean as well as oil and prevent corrosion.
Rusty, there is only one big niggle that pops into my head when thinking of applying any oils etc., etc., on the under carriage of the vac is what if it dribbles. You clean all the dust etc., on that lovely carpet and shock horror you wonder what those nasty oil stains are on the carpet after you finish. The wife will NOT thank you :( - Best put a caveat after the oil recommendation as to what is the best carpet oil stain remover :) - just an observation and conclusion.

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