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Gtech Air Ram Mk1 - Brushroll Cog Replacement How to Guide

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At some point in the life of a Gtech Air Ram Mk1, the brushroll will stop spinning, accompanied by a high pitched whining/grinding noise. Fear not, this is a very common issue thanks to a cheap plastic cog being turned by a metal cog. And this thread wil ltell you how to replace it!


1 Gtech Air Ram Drive Cog: Drive Cog Shaft Spindle & Bearings For GTECH AirRam DM001 AR01 AR02
A cross head screwdriver.
A T10 Torx screwdriver: T10 Torx Star Screwdriver.
A cold beer for afterwards  :thumbsup:

Optional, but handy are:

A dry brush/paintbrush/your wife's best pastry brush
A Damp cloth
Spray Grease/3 in 1 Oil
A stanley/craft knife/scissors.


Locate your disgraced Gtech Air Ram

Gather your tools

Wait for the well packaged and speedily delivered envelope from Manchester

Which will have the cog inside (and other stuff if you ordered enough to take advantage of the free shipping!)

Observe it's newness and jagged edges

Remove the dirt bin lid

Lift out the dirt bin

Turn the machine over

And undo the cross head screws holding the end caps on

The long screw goes at the rear (it also screws the brushroll housing down) and the short one at the front.

Remove the end caps. The lift slightly then pull off

The brass bush may stay on the roller

Pull it off and pop it back in the end cap

OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED - Clean the end caps of hair/melted hair as applicable

Next, pull the brushrolls out of the machine

OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED - Clean the hair off, use the knife to cut along the brushroll then pull the hair off

Next, remove the 4 screws that surround the little motor fan window, and the one at the front centre by my finger

Brushroll serviced, turn the machine back over (still reclined) and remove these two screws at the front

Then, lift the entire motor unit up and out of the machine as so

Back underneath, undo the 2 edge screws (not the middle ones as shown, I realized they don't need to come undone!)

Lift the front part off

We now have this

Undo both screws on the rear of the motor unit. The top one is the long one

Lift the suction ducting off

Then undo the 2 screws at the front of the black cover

And lift that off. Lift from the back of the machine, it latches into the cog housing at the front. It takes a bit of persuasion

You should now see this or similar

However, because I refurbished this machine prior to taking the photo's for this guide, I can show you it like this!

Take your brush and clean it all off so you can see the 5 screws (4 on the face, 1 on the side) Remove these screws, and seperate the cog housing

This is your issue!

Although again, you will probably be greeted by this

Either way, Lift up the metal drive cog and pull the ruined plastic cog out

You can see the difference between the old and new

Clean all the insides of the cog housing up with the damp cloth and brush. Then, take your new cog and place it in

Replace the drive cog over the plastic one

Pop a small nugget of lubricant on if you wish, although it will attract the dust more, so maybe don't.

Place the cover back on, making sure to pop the black wire into it's little slot

Then do up the screws! At this point, feel free to drop the assembly into the machine (the contacts sit below the housing) and turn it on to check operation)

Job done, pop it back out and fit the black outer cover, remembering to insert the thin end into it's groove first before snapping the back part down

Refit the suction duct and pop the 2 screws back in (long one at the top/into the black part!)

Locate the cog end into the brushroll housing front

Then re-fit the front plate, long screw in the middle and 2 shorter ones at the outer edges

Refit the motor unit into the machine one last time, and pop the 2 front screws in

Flip it over and put the 4 bottom screws in


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