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My first Kirby


Might be getting my first Kirby? I mean Kirbys...
A purple Kirby G5 and a grey/light blue themed Kirby Ultimate G Series plus the shampoo kit for 3.50 starting bid- best part? Only 15 mins away from me :)
If I can win it that will be brill! Any suggestions for them as I'm defrost keeping at least one! What's most likely to go wrong/be damaged? Solution? I understand Kirby are like proper equipment (high prices and supposedly very good cleaning?)

25 for two Kirbys plus the shampoo kit coming my way!!!

How were they dude?


--- Quote from: RustySkull on October 15, 2017, 06:21:03 PM ---How were they dude?

--- End quote ---
They were okay, G5 needed the gearbox fiddling with then it worked and the Ultimate G just needed a belt - which it needs another of because I didnlt realise I set the head to low  :))

Nice, I use all mine on the lowest settings, make sure it gets right in that carpet lol!


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