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I am so upset that my much loved dyson washing machine has broken down!

I have cover, so engineer is coming on Thursday.

The drum has got stuck and will not turn. It is 13/14 yrs old and had it’s contra turning drum turned off some 6 yrs ago for the extended drum life.

I love my machine!!!!
I don’t like to appear ignorant when unknown engineers come so have been reading up inc on here.
I learnt about the spider part breakdown and stopping drums turning.... is this worth the coat hanger picking out of bits....pursuing as a lasting chance of repair? Or is this considered a temporary repair?
It’s been well looked after .

If they write it off...... what comparable machine is a good choice. I need the longevity and trust plus the steel huge drum size? Suggestions please?

If it is written off does anywhere still want them for collecting or parts etc ?? I am loath for it to be buried😌. I wanted my 20 years out of it!! :'( :'( :dead-dyson:

Thanks anyone out there!!

Only anyone who knows about those machines will be able to fix those now. Anyone else will tell you its written off.

There is a good chap in Birmingham we know of. Where in the country are you?

Nowhere near Birmingham! I’m on the Essex coast. The guy that came out to it about six yrs ago was pretty knowledgable and popped on all the parts he could whilst with me knowing that parts were going to be scarce. I’ve no idea who’ll come out this time.
I don’t want to let go! :snivel:

Well if you need parts that are hard to find, if we haven't got them, I can put you in touch with a chap who will have them.  :icon_nod:

That’s great, I appreciate that very much!
Hopefully I’ll know more After engineer visits.

Thank you


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