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My Hoover 652 restoration

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Vacuum Cleaner House:
I got my hands on another Hoover 652 to restore, bringing the amount I own to 11. This one looked good in the pics and was still running so I bought it, The asking price was so little that it didnt bother me when I got to see it and it didnt look as good up close as it did in the pics, The mint green base's paint was servery bubbled.
I got some paint mixed to match the almost white colour and stripped down the machine to bare metal and repainted it. Some of the pics went missing but the rest are here to show you how it turned out.

Vacuum Cleaner House:
Base painted.

Vacuum Cleaner House:
Motor rebuilt and fitted back in and the hood polished to new and fitted.

Vacuum Cleaner House:
Ok so here it is all complete, It got a rebuilt brush roll aswell Ready to go Join the others in my vacuum Museum.

Very nice job. Great paint finish. I haven't got one of these yet, one is on my acquisition list.  :icon_nod:


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