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Author Topic: Electrolux Glider Z1280 - Stripdown and Refurbishment!  (Read 1377 times)

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Re: Electrolux Glider Z1280 - Stripdown and Refurbishment!
« Reply #15 on: November 20, 2018, 01:55:24 AM »
Oh, and the other great thing is how this was delivered! See, Mr Phillip loves in Dundee, which is VERY far from me. Turned out very well though, as Shitefest this year was in a little village called Auchenblae, about an hour north of Dundee! So I personally dropped this off to Phillip, which was fab as I got to meet him, and he gave me a massive bag of ice cold cans too which was amazing!

I was going to drop in on my way home for a longer natter but ended up leaving a day early and sadly Phillip wasn't about, so very sorry about that man, one day! Ended up driving all day and got to Durham at about 11pm (after leaving Barrhead at 6pm) then after a little kip somewhere random got to my Dads near Spalding at 5am! I was knackered!

Good fun though. So yes, that's why this all happened when it did, as it saved on postage, as I was dropping past anyway, the bus we were convoying with needed to re-fuel in Dundee so when we hit the A9 at Perth I peeled off and did 69mph (average zone all the way) to Dundee and had 45 minutes to grab some fuel and see Mr Phillip before the bus got fuelled up and we met up again, and did 50mph all the way to near Aberdeen.

Was a great weekend! And I had cold bevvies that night too (strongbow dark fruits, which is a little weak spot of mine!)
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