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Crazy Canuck
« on: January 19, 2019, 12:46:38 PM »
Hello, appreciate the forum and being able to join. Am a self taught PC/ Electronics programmer and hardware repair, just for friends and family at no cost/charges.  Guess that got boring as branching out into small appliances.
   Started with one carpet shampooer. Moved onto my first used Craigslist Dyson. (Beko's post on this site saved my bacon few years back). Keep an eye out for something to fix now when see it for cheep or free.
Enjoy the challenge and the hair pulling. Learned the hard way to take pics first of wiring etc- before pulling apart.
Usually find most sm appliances so filthy - that total teardown is only way I go - so can CLEAN everything! first.
 Which then leads to the hair pulling when putting back together.
Have modified a few broken parts on my Dyson as find it hard to find parts here often.
 Have torn down  non working Hoovers, Bissels Shampooers - get working and give away to people who can use one.
  Three Dyson vac repairs now, but as can see from  another post - needing help- currently stuck with my DC18. Sometimes do washing machines n stoves etc. My own when needing fixing. Let nothing but fear hold one back ( or common sense)
Currently the owner of 2 upright Dysons and 1 upright Miele U. Most of my problem with collecting vacs is I am trying to figure out what vacuum I actually want to own. I think I'm  leaning towards a canister Dyson (or Miele?) . Not a fan of uprights but seems to be what I end up with.
Dog guardian- used to do rescue & rehoming - proper rehoming with home checks/ follow up etc. So vacuum is very important to me.
 Live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. Female. Oddity I guess in interest in repairs for my gender. Tho do meet the odd female PC/ tech here n there. Throwing cell phones and programing into interests now. Prefer vac's over that tho ;)

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Re: Crazy Canuck
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2019, 05:54:42 PM »
Welcome to the site, Jess.  :icon_nod: :tiphat:

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