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GTECH AR02 - Brush Bar not turning


Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum and this is my first post. I have a GTech AR02 on which the roller brush isn't turning. I suspect that the cog at the front is worn or that the belt itself is worn. It switches on and the main motor is working.

I have been tearing my hair out over the last 2 weeks trying to access the motor/belt/cog mechanism to have a proper look and despite taking out every removable part and removing all the screws I can see, it is still proving illusive to get at the mechanism.

Does anyone have a strip down guide to this model as I couldn't find anything online / Youtube. I would really like to repair it as it cost a lot of money and I can see that parts are readily available.



Its right here in the sticky topics: Gtech Air Ram Mk1 - Brushroll Cog Replacement How to Guide


I saw that but it is for the Mk1 and not the Mk2 which the AR02 is. The Mk1 has the brush roller split into 2 with the motor/belt/cog mechanism running down the middle of the cleaner. The Mk2 has the mechanism on one side and has a one piece brush roller.

Do you have the How To guide for the Mk2?

Nobody has done one yet for the Mk2 on this site that I am aware of.

Feel free to be the first.  :icon_nod:


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