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Author Topic: Washing the Filter on a DC07  (Read 6343 times)

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Washing the Filter on a DC07
« on: August 10, 2011, 04:32:11 PM »
Is your Dyson DC07 cutting out? Let it cool down and it will run again maybe. Sound familiar?

Is suction not as good as it was? It’s all generally working but suction has declined over time?

Did you ever change the filter?

“There’s a filter?” you ask. “Where is it?”

Not only is there a filter, but it is a washable filter. You can wash it a few times before it will need replacing (unless you have neglected it beyond the point of no return, in that event, you buy a new Dyson DC07 filter).

So here is what you do: Take a look down the side of the machine, see that little coloured button?

Press it. The filter and the filter housing will come out like this:

Then you remove the filter from the housing like this:

The filter is a two part filter. Separate the blue and yellow bits, wash them thoroughly in warm water with a little detergent (some put them in the washing machine), dry them PROPERLY in a warm place and put it back together. That’s it! Simple huh?

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