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Gtech MkII Opinions?


I noticed that the original Gtech seems to have a bad rep for design and construction. Is the MkII equally bad or is it a big improvement?

The thing is that I think the fundamental design is good, with all the weight at low level. We had a Vax 36v cordless for a short time and I thought the design was ridiculous; with the motor and battery right at the top the whole machine is top heavy and surely a case of terrible ergonomics and the same applies to Dyson, Shark, etc.

It looks like Miele are aware of this because their new cordless has all the gubbins near the bottom of the pole - at a price.

It seems to me that the best design for a cordless would be to have a motorised brush connected to a suction tube and handle which then has a short flexi connected to a shoulder sling (or backpack!?) mounted "engine room". The flexi could easily uncouple to attach a crevice tool, dusting brush, etc.

Maybe it would look too "wacky", but it could be a good design!


I don't think the later ones are much of an improvement over the earlier ones. We get just as many of each in broken, and in the scrap pile there's both.

Prestbury Vac Repairs:
I refuse to look at the Mk1 nightmare to work on.

The newer (empties with a slide) seemed more reliable and easier to clean out, But saying that ive had a few in now with the fan coming adrift from the axle its bonded to.
Its really not designed to be repaired.
I dont dislike how they work but when they go wrong its destined for the scrap pile.
And yes I did own one but gave it away not a patch on my Sebo.


--- Quote from: TV Man on February 25, 2020, 03:42:34 PM ---I did own one but gave it away not a patch on my Sebo.

--- End quote ---

That's like comparing a skateboard to a Mercedes.


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