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Vax 121 tripping

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Hi everyone

I picked up a vax 121 today for £20, and started using it to clean the interior of my car, it did a great job of removing some muck from the boot, but then tripped the electrics, and again, and again!

Any ideas?

are you using it wet or dry ?
Can it be used dry ? i presume so...
If tripping when using it wet,  try it dry
Narrow down the fault and get your tools out.

Iíve actually only tried it wet, will try it dry and let you know.


Remove the suppressor. Classic symptoms of that. I've had one trip the electrics as it popped and my god the smell was awful!

Iíve had it before too. Sadly over time the field coil decays, or rather, the insulation around it does, and once it gets warm (IE is on for maybe a minute or so) it heats up and trips.
Itís worth trying the surpressor too but what I have described is not uncommon either. Iíve had two 121s go this way and the only way to rectify it is to fit a new motor.


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