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Author Topic: Electrolux Z457 questions  (Read 626 times)

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Electrolux Z457 questions
« on: June 18, 2023, 07:09:10 am »
Hi.  New to forum.  I have a Sanitaire S490, which is just a 120 volt version of the Electrolux Z457.  I messed up cleaning one up.  I tried to only unplug the two leads from the motor and lift the cord reel, switch assembly, main board and front cover with the connection for a power nozzle out without disconnecting anything, but alas the spade connectors are old and brittle.  Some of the connectors broke and now I have a wiring mess and no diagram.  None of my edumicated guesses are leading to happy motor sounds   :'(    Would anyone here have a wiring diagram for a Z457 or have some ideas where I might find one?  Thanks.



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