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Author Topic: Fitting Tutorial: DC40 DC42 UP22 UP24 Red Cyclone Release Clips  (Read 8210 times)

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This tutorial is linked from the document enclosed within our DC40, DC42, UP22 and UP24 red cyclone release clips.

In your package, there are two clips and a spring:

The clip on the left fits all UP22 and UP24 models and most DC40 applications. The clip on the right is for early DC40 models that use that type.

The spring is enclosed simply in case you have lost yours.

Here are the two different types of cyclones in case you have lost your old clip with which to compare.



So now you know which clip to use, this is how to remove the old one. It may help if you have an assistant for this.

Using both hands, put your thumbs and fingers as illustrated below.


By pressing with your thumbs and using your fingers to slightly pry the transparent curved parts either side of the clip a little wider, this allows your assistant to lift out the catch. You only need to pry the plastic a couple of millimeters in order to release the catch upwards.

You now have this.


Place the spring on your new clip like so.


The spring should be located in this hole.


Rest the clip on top of the track it will locate into.


Make sure the end of the clip lines up with the bit it is meant to push on to empty the cyclone.


Press down gently and the clip should relocate in its track. You may need to wiggle it a bit. Keep it straight as you do so. Make sure the end of the clip is contacting the red protrusion (or if using the longer clip, the end is located in the hole). 

Test it to make sure you can empty the bin, if it doesn't you have lined something up wrong. Take it off and try again.

Once you have it working again, Bob's your uncle.  :thumbsup:

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