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Author Topic: Deep cleaning DC46  (Read 4645 times)

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Deep cleaning DC46
« on: February 27, 2021, 03:37:12 am »

I'm in the midst of deep cleaning a DC46 and am stuck trying to figure out how to take apart the 2 tier cyclone system to be able to wash out all the caked grime that's accumulated over the many years.  I have removed the mesh screen off the middle to get access to the torx screws that held a plastic shroud to the 2 tier assembly.  Next I realized I needed a torx T8 screwdriver to access the silver screws buried between the cyclones.  I ordered some 100mm length security torx bits online and finished removing the 8 silver screws that I thought would be the last step.  However after removing them it still seems like I'm missing something else to unscrew.  I haven't removed the silver dust bin button or the red eject button yet.  I thought maybe there is a hidden screw behind them.

Anyone have suggestions or an exploded view that I could reference?  I read on here this unit is similar to the 47.  I'm in Canada so I'm hoping some 47 owners have some suggestions.  I haven't found much online for this style of cyclone to help.


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Re: Deep cleaning DC46
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2021, 08:27:17 pm »
I had a break through.  I kept searching by scrolling through youtube videos and found this one for a DC54 which at first glance looks very close to the same cyclone system I have on the DC46:

But it is different enough it didn't seem like it would help.  So I went back to my cyclone and looked around more with a flashlight/torch and didn't see any other screws.  In the video he separates the two tiers from each other and talks about the red eject button and how to slide them apart.  I thought I should try sliding the lower tier down to see if it would separate and it did!  I am now able to open up the cyclone.  What I was doing wrong was thinking the dark plastic center was going to lift out of the cyclone tiers but it looks like that dark plastic center is fastened to the upper cyclone tier and the lower one drops away once you remove the silver screws.  It will probably reveal more screws to separate these last pieces and allow me to fully clean everything.

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