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Miele blizzard Cx1 cat and dog wand/handle


I have above vacuum cleaner model SKCF3.  Itís the one with the built in dusting brush on the handle.  Iíve never been able to get on with the handle and now itís split and broken and canít be used.  The replacement handle us about £80 and as Iíve always  found it useless anyway Iím trying to find another compatible handle that fits the EFS suction hose.  There is a CX1 powerline  SKRF3 that doesn't appear to have the handle that has the built in brush so Iím trying to find out what part that is and if it fits to the EFS hose.  Iíve contacted  Miele who state that standard handle 9442691 is compatible with all CX1 models but Iím not convinced that it does as that appears to be the same handle as on my old S5260 machine which has a smaller diameter hose at the handle end. I need one that fits the EFS hose but which doesnít have the built in dusting brush and hopefully is more  sturdy and doesnít cost a quarter of a whole new cleaner!
Any help appreciated.  Thanks   

Is it just the banana-shaped one or the one with an extra bit they call the 'comfort' handle like this?

I do have a banana-shaped Miele handle of some kind that someone once ordered and never collected. I'll have a root and see if I can find it. I'll have a look in our used Miele box too.

The one in the photo is £73 delivered.

This is the wand the cleaner comes with. The one with the built in dusting brush which I donít want and want one that fits without the built in dusting brush.  The simple banana shape handle I believe wonít fit the EFS suction hose


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